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Welcome To Laura310
Marketing Project Management

Laura Seitz delivers expert project management for marketers and their agencies. Using a time-tested process, she works with your team or assembles one for you. Making plans, adjusting them as needed, and keeping everyone informed are key parts of the approach. The result is that things get done on strategy, on time,
and on budget.


Laura manages projects, large and small, with a focus on clarifying what needs to be done, assembling the resources, and executing flawlessly. Adept with technology and with experience in a wide variety of industries, the services provided are based on the unique needs of the situation. Details and deadlines are the lifeblood of our work, and we flex to do what’s needed, when it’s needed.


Product Launches: Strategy, positioning, market research, packaging, product collateral, retail merchandising

Fundraising: Direct Mail, email, website, social media, partnerships

Small Business: Bundled services for small businesses including planning, design, copywriting and production

Special Projects: Unpredictable needs such as copyediting and digitization.


Laura has worked with a variety of world-class companies across a spectrum of industries. A few of the more notable clients are Aerospace Corporation, Disney, Dreamworks, Epson, Ericsson, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Nokia, and Universal Pictures. The roster also includes entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, who appreciate the level of expertise and professionalism.

About Laura

Laura Seitz is an accomplished marketing consultant, executive, educator, and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. Her broad background in a

variety of industries makes her well-positioned to assist with marketing projects and programs designed to advance the goals of your organization.


Our Clients

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“Laura’s knowledge and skills are far-reaching and I’ve been inspired to watch her continual growth and evolution to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the digital marketing space and technologies. Laura brings a seasoned approach capable of just about anything, in my opinion.”

Gloria Cannon


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