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About Laura Seitz

Laura Seitz is an award-winning marketer and celebrated project manager who has the good fortune to love what she does. She’s had a variety of roles in her career and they all hinge on the pursuit of creativity for commerce. From experience as an Account Executive in an up-and-coming Hollywood ad agency, to owning a graphic design firm, to being an executive at Mattel and Epson and an instructor at UCLA, Laura’s work is all about enduring relationships, a strong work ethic, and unending curiosity.

As an entrepreneur Laura learned tenacity, as an executive she learned diplomacy, and as an educator she thrived in the environment of growth and achievement. All that front-line experience has made her highly adaptable and comfortable with multiple responsibilities and competing priorities. She has the ability to balance big-picture thinking with the need for attention to details and deadlines. Her experience and knowledge bring tremendous value to her projects. She is also a member of the Project Management Institute.

When she’s not working you will find Laura in the garden, or in nature with her camera. She has a supernatural gift for rescuing dogs; one time she lured a coyote into her car thinking it was a scruffy German Shepherd. She supports Best Friends Animal Society and is a foster mom.

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Our Clients

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“Laura’s knowledge and skills are far-reaching and I’ve been inspired to watch her continual growth and evolution to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the digital marketing space and technologies. Laura brings a seasoned approach capable of just about anything, in my opinion.”

Gloria Cannon


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